Les Eighties: Tous les titres des années 80 sur RvSFm



ABC - The look of love
Ace of base - All that she wants

A-Ha - Daylight (B.O. 007)

A-Ha - I've Been Losing you
A-Ha - Stay On these roads

A-Ha - Take on me

A-Ha - The sun always shines on tv
A-Ha - Touch me
A-Ha - Touchy
Al Jarreau - Breakin' away
Al Jarreau - L is for lover
Alain Chamfort - Rendez-vous
Alain Chanfort - Manureva
Alain Souchon - La Ballade De Jim
Alan Parson - Old & wise
Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky
 Alisha - Baby talk
 Alison Moyet - All Cried Out
 Alison Moyet - Invisible
 All Corley - Square room
 Alphaville - Big In Japan
 Alphaville - Forever Young
 Amii Stewart - Friends
 Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood
 Andrea - I'm A Lover
 Aneka - Japanese Boys
 Annabelle - Fuis - Lawrence d'Arabie
 Annie Lennox - No More 'I Love You'
 Art of noise - Moments in love
 Art of Noise - Moments in Love (Original Extended Mix)
 Art of Noise - Peter gunn
 Ashford & Simpson - Solid
 Avalanche - Johnny come on
 B-52's - Love Shack
 Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
 Bananarama - Cruel Summer
 Bananarama - Shy Boy
 Bananarama - Venus
Bandolero - Paris Latino
Barry White - Love's Theme (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
Bee Gees - Tragedy
Bee Gees - You Win Again
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time of My Life (Dirty Dancing)
Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face
Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy (Extended)
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)
Billy Ocean - Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car
Billy Ocean - Lover Boy
Billy Ocean - stop
Black - Wonderful Life
Blind Date - Your Heart Keeps Burning
Blondie - Atomic (radio edit)
Blondie - Call Me
Blondie - Heart of glass
Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy
Boney M - Daddy Cool (Disco Remix)
Boney M - Rasputin
Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero
Bonnie Tyler - It's A Heartache
Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Boys Town Gang - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Break Machine - Street Dance
Bronski Beat - Smalltown boy
Bronski beat - Smalltown Boy (Full 12' Version)
Bros - Too Much
Brothers Johnson - Stomp
Brothers Johnson - Stomp (Extended)
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark
Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance
Bryan Ferry - Little Girl

Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love

Butterfly Ball & Roger Glover - Love is all
Mel Brooks - It's good to be the king



Playlist RvS:

16 Bits - Where Are You
16 Bit - Where Are You (Maxi).mp3
16 Bits - Where Are You
16 Bit - Where Are You (Remix).mp3
A Cause Des Garçons - A Cause Des Garçons
A Cause Des Garçons - A Cause Des Garçons.mp3
Abba - Super Trouper
Abba - Super Trouper.mp3
ABC - The Look Of Love
ABC - The look of love.mp3
AC/DC - Hells Bells
ACDC - Hells Bells.mp3
Ace of base - All that she wants.mp3
A-Ha - I've Been Losing you.mp3
A-Ha - Stay On these roads.mp3
A-Ha - Take on me.mp3
Aha - The Living Daylight (James Bond OST).mp3
A-Ha - The sun always shines on tv.mp3
A-ha - Touchy
A-Ha - Touchy.mp3
Al Corley - Cold Dresses [Extended]
Al Corley - Cold Dresses [Extended].mp3
Al Corley - Cold dresses
Al Corley - Cold dresses.mp3
Al Corley - Square room.mp3
Al Jarreau - Breakin' away.mp3
Al Jarreau - L is for lover.mp3
Alain Bashung - Gaby oh Gaby.mp3
Alain Bashung - Vertige De L'Amour.mp3
Alain Chamfort - Rendez-vous.mp3
Alain Chanfort - Manureva.mp3
Alain Souchon - La Ballade De Jim.mp3
Alan Parson - Old & wise.mp3
Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky.mp3
Albano & Romina Power - Felicita.mp3
Alex et les lezards - Dur dur.mp3
Alisha - Baby talk.mp3
Alison Moyet - All Cried Out.mp3
Alison Moyet - Invisible.mp3
Alix - Le Coeur Sans Adresse.MP3
Allan Parsons Project - Don't answer me.mp3
Allan Parsons Project - Some Other Time.mp3
Allan Parsons Project - Time.mp3
Alphaville - Big In Japan.mp3
Alphaville - Forever Young.mp3
Alphaville - Lichtenfels - Sounds Like A Melody (Pulsedriver Remix).mp3
Alphaville - Sound Like a Melody(live).mp3
Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody (extended).mp3
Alphaville - Sounds Like a Melody (radio edit).mp3
Alphaville - Sounds like melody.mp3
Alphaville Sounds Like A Melody.mp3
Amii Stewart - Friends.mp3
Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood.mp3
Andrea - I'm A Lover.mp3
Aneka - Japanese Boys.mp3
Animo - Des gens stricts.mp3
Annabelle - Fuis - Lawrence d'Arabie.mp3
Anne Claire - All summer long.mp3
Annie Lennox - No More 'I Love You's'.mp3
Areta Franklin - Killing Me Softly.mp3
Aretha Franklin - Jump to it.mp3
Arnold Turboust - adelaide extended.mp3
Art of Noise - Moments in Love (Original Extended Mix).mp3
Art of noise - Moments in love.mp3
Art of Noise - Peter gunn.mp3
Ashford & Simpson - Solid.mp3
Atlantique - Je n'aime personne.mp3
Avalanche - Johnny come on.mp3
Axel Bauer - Cargo de nuit.mp3
B-52's - Love Shack.mp3
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy [Extended Dance Version].mp3
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy.mp3
Bananarama - Cruel Summer.mp3
Bananarama - Shy Boy.mp3
Bananarama - Venus.mp3
Bandolero - Paris Latino.mp3
Barbra Streisand - Memory.mp3
Barbra Streisand - Woman In Love.mp3
Barry White - Love's Theme (Love Unlimited Orchestra).mp3
Barry White - Sho You Right.mp3
Basia - Promises (Samba House Mix).mp3
Basia - Promises.mp3
BB King - It's good to be the king.mp3
Bee Gees - Tragedy.mp3
Bee Gees - You Win Again.mp3
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth.mp3
Benjamin Orr - Stay The Night.mp3
Berlin -Take my breath away.mp3
Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top.mp3
Bibie - Tout doucement.mp3
Big Tony - Can't Get Enough of Your Love (Italo Rarities).mp3
Bill Baxter - Embrasse Moi Idiot (Maxi).mp3
Bill Baxter - Embrasse-moi idiot.mp3
Bill Labounty - Livin' it up.mp3
Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time of My Life (Dirty Dancing)
Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time of My Life (Dirty Dancing).mp3
Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face.mp3
Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy (Extended).mp3
Billy Idol - Sweet Sixteen.mp3
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl.mp3
Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run).mp3
Billy Ocean - Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car.mp3
Billy Ocean - Lover Boy.mp3
Billy Ocean - stop.mp3
Black - Sweetest Smile.mp3
Black - Wonderful Life.mp3
Blind Date - Your Heart Keeps Burning.mp3
Blind Date - Your Heart Keeps Burning_New1.mp3
Blondie - Atomic (radio edit).mp3
Blondie - Call Me.mp3
Blondie - Heart of glass.mp3
Blue Feather - Let's Funk Tonight.mp3
Blues Trottoir - Un Soir De Pluie.mp3
BO Film - Gost.mp3
Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved.mp3
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy.mp3
Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis (Original 12'' Version).mp3
Boney M - Daddy Cool (Disco Remix).mp3
Boney M - Rasputin.mp3
Bonnie Taylor - Total Eclipse Of The Heart.mp3
Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero.mp3
Bonnie Tyler - It's A Heartache.mp3
Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart.mp3
Boule Noire - Aimer D'Amour (Maxi 45t).mp3
Boys Town Gang - Can't Take My Eyes Off You.mp3
Break Machine - Street Dance.mp3
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (1991Remix).mp3
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (1991Remix)_New1.mp3
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (Full 12' Version).mp3
Bronski Beat - Smalltown boy.mp3
Brooklyn Express - Are you ready (bc records 1985).mp3
Bros - Too Much.mp3
Bros - When Will I Be Famous
Brothers Johnson - Stomp (Extended) .mp3
Brothers Johnson - Stomp.mp3
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark.mp3
Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart.MP3
Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance.mp3
Bryan Ferry - Little Girl.mp3
Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love.mp3
Buggles - The Plastic Age.mp3
Butterfly Ball & Roger Glover - Love is all.mp3
Camouflage - The great Commandment.mp3
Capitain Sensible - Wot (extended).mp3
Captain Sensible - Wot.mp3
Carol Douglas - My Simple Heart (extended version).mp3
Carol Douglas - My Simple Heart.mp3
Carol Jiani - Hit And Run Lover.mp3
Caroline Loeb - A Quoi Tu Penses.mp3
Caroline Loeb - C la ouate.mp3
Carrara - Shine on dance.mp3
Cataldo - Les divas du dancing.mp3
Catherine Lara - Nuit magique.mp3
Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine (maxi).mp3
Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine.mp3
Century - Lover Why.mp3
Cerrone - Give me love.mp3
Cerrone - Supernature (Danny Tenaglia DT's Legendary Club Mix).mp3
Cerrone - Supernature.mp3
Chad Jackson - Hear the drummer get wicked.mp3
Chagrin D'Amour - Chacun Fait Ce Qui Lui Plaît.mp3
Charades - Gimme The Funk.mp3
Charlie makes the cook - Boys and girls.mp3
Chaz Jankel - Glad to know you.mp3
Chaz Jankel - Number One (Extended).mp3
Chaz Jankel - Number One.mp3
Chaz Jankel - The Boy On The Bridge.mp3
Chaz Jankel - you´re my occupation.mp3
Chaz Junkel - Glad to know you.mp3
Chemise - She cant love you.mp3
Cheri - Murphy's law.mp3
Chris de Burgh - High On Emotion.mp3
Chris De Burgh - The Lady In Red.mp3
Chris Isaak - Blue Hotel.mp3
Chris Rea - Josephine.mp3
Chris Rea - On The Beach.mp3
Christine Roque - Premiers Frissons D'Amour.mp3
Christophe - Les mots bleus.mp3
Christophe - Succes Fou (vinyl).mp3
Christophe Laurent - Nuits bresiliennes.mp3
Christopher Cross - All Right.mp3
Cindy Lauper - The girl was fun.mp3
Cindy Loper - Time After Time .mp3
Cindy Loper - True colors.mp3
Claudia Phillips - Quel souci la boetie.mp3
Club House - Do It Again Medley Billie Jean.mp3
Club House - Do It Again Meets Billy Jean (maxi).mp3
Clubhouse - Do It Again.mp3
Cock Robin - Just around the corner.mp3
Cock Robin - When your heart is weak.mp3
Coldcut & Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On.mp3
Comateens - Don't Come Back (Extended).mp3
Cook Da Books - Your Eyes (La Boum) -.mp3
Cookie Dingler - Femme libérée.mp3
Coolio - Gangstas Paradise.mp3
Corinne Charby - Pas Vu Pas Pris.mp3
Corynne Charby - Pile Ou Face (Maxi).mp3
Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.mp3
Culture Club - It's a Miracle.mp3
Culture Club - Karma Chameleon.mp3
Culture Club - Love Is Love.mp3
Culture Club - Miss Me Blind.mp3
Culture Club - The War Song.mp3
Cutting Crew - Died In Your Arms.mp3
Dana Dawson - Ready To Follow You.mp3
Dana Dawson - Romantic World.mp3
Daniel Balavoine - Mon fils ma bataille.mp3
Daniel Lavoie - Ils s'aiment.mp3
Daryl Hall - Maneater.mp3
Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (1981).mp3
Daryl Hall & John Oates - Out Of Touch.mp3
Dave Stewart - Jack Talking.mp3
David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes.mp3
David Bowie - Blue Jean.mp3
David bowie - China girl.mp3
David Bowie - Let's Dance.mp3
David Bowie -This Is Not America.mp3
David Christie - Saddle up.mp3
Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round.mp3
Debarge - Rhythm Of The Night
Debarge - Rhythm Of The Night.mp3
Deborah Kinley - Surprise (Extended Dance Mix) OK 192.mp3
Deborah Kinley - Surprise.mp3
Début de Soirée - Nuit de Folie.mp3
Delegation - You And I.mp3
Den Harrow - Bad Boy (Extended).mp3
Den Harrow - Bad Boy (long).mp3
Den Harrow - Bad Boy.mp3
Den Harrow - Charleston.mp3
Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart (Dance Mix).mp3
Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It For The Boy.mp3
Dennis Twist - Tu dis que tu l'm.mp3
Deodato - S.O.S. Fire In The Sky (Ext. Version).mp3
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence.mp3
Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Maxi).mp3
Dépèche mode - Get the balance right.mp3
Depeche Mode - I Just Can't Get Enough.mp3
Depeche Mode - People Are People.mp3
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus.mp3
Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease.mp3
Dépèche mode - The policy of truth.mp3
Desireless - Voyage remix.mp3
Desireless - Voyage voyage (maxi).mp3
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen.mp3
Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out.mp3
Dionne Warwick - Heartbreaker.mp3
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms.mp3
Dire Straits - Lady Writer.mp3
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing 'version longue).mp3
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing.mp3
Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing.mp3
Divine - Shoot Your Shot.mp3
Do piano - Again.mp3
Donna Summer - I Don't Wanna Get Hurt.mp3
Donna Summer - She works hard for the money (long).mp3
Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money.mp3
Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running.mp3
Double - The Captain Of Her Hearth.mp3
Duran Duran - B.O. 007.mp3
Duran Duran - The Reflex.mp3
Dusty Springfield - In Private.mp3
Eagles - Hotel California (Best Version).mp3
Eagles - hotel california (Version acoustic).mp3
Earth Wind & Fire - Fantasy.mp3
Earth Wind & Fire - I´ve Had Enough.mp3
Earth Wind & Fire - September.mp3
Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's groove.mp3
Eartha Kitt - Love a man.mp3
Eight Wonder - I'm not scared (long).mp3
Eight Wonder - I'm Not Scared
Eight Wonder - I'm Not Scared.mp3
Eighth Wonder - Cross My Heart.mp3
Electric Light Orchestra - Last Train To London.mp3
Electric Light Orchestra - Shine A Little Love.mp3
Elegance - Vacances J'oublie Tout.mp3
Elton John - I'm Still Standing.mp3
Elton John - Nikita.mp3
Elton John - Sad Songs (Say So Much).mp3
Enigma - Sadeness (Extended Trance Mix).wma
Enya - Says always.mp3
Erasure - Oh l'amour.mp3
Eric Morena - Oh Mon Bateau.mp3
Erikarol - Partir.mp3
Eros Ramazzotti - Una Storia Importante.mp3
Eruption - One way ticket.mp3
Etienne Daho - Epaule Tatoo.mp3
Etienne Daho - Tombe Pour La France.mp3
Europe - the final count down.mp3
Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again.mp3
Eurythmics - Sex Crime.mp3
Eurythmics - Sweet dreams.mp3
Eurythmics - There Must Be An Angel.mp3
Evelyn Thomas - High Energy.mp3
Fake - Another Brick (extended).mp3
Fake - Another Brick.mp3
Falco - Der Kommissar.mp3
Fame - Im so exiting.mp3
Fancy - Chinese_Eyes.mp3
Far corporation - Stairway to heaven.mp3
Félix Gray - Gitane.mp3
Fine Young Cannibals - Good thing.mp3
Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy.mp3
Finzi Contini - Cha Cha Cha.mp3
Fleetwood Mac - Big Love.mp3
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere.mp3
Florent Pagny - n importe quoi.mp3
Foreigner - Urgent Emergency.mp3
Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond.mp3
Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond_New1.mp3
FR David - Words.mp3
Fra Lippo Lippi - Shouldn't Have To Be Like That.mp3
France Gall - Ella, Elle L'a.mp3
France Gall - Hong kong star.mp3
France Gall - Il Jouait du Piano Debout .mp3
Francesco di napoli - Balla Balla.mp3
Francois Feldman - C'est toi qui m'a fait.mp3
Francois Feldman - Rien Que Pour Toi.mp3
Francois Feldman - Slaves.mp3
Frankie goes to hollywood - Relax ( sexe).mp3
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax.mp3
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love (Original Extended Version).mp3
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love.mp3
Frankie Knucles - your love.mp3
Freeze - IOU.mp3
Frida - I know there's something going on.mp3
Fun Fun - Colour My Love [Club Mix].mp3
Fun Fun - Colour My Love.mp3
Funk - Hip hop.mp3
Funk - I don't want easy.mp3
Funk - i will survive.mp3
Funk - I'm Fellin.mp3
Funk - Let me out (extended)
Funk - Let me out (extended).mp3
Funk - Let me out (extraextended).mp3
Funk - Let me out.mp3
Funk - Love by my side.mp3
Funk - We got a funk.mp3
Funk - You Baby.mp3
Funk - Zone 80.mp3
Gap Band - Party Train.mp3
Gary Bird - The Crown.mp3
Gary Low - You Are A Danger.mp3
Gary Low - You re a Danger.mp3
Gazebo - I like chopin.mp3
Genesis - Abacab.mp3
Genesis - Land Of Confusion (Extended).mp3
Genesis - Land Of Confusion.mp3
George Benson - Give Me The Night.mp3
George Duke - Reach Out.mp3
George Kranz - Din Da Da.mp3
George Michael - Careless Whispers (maxi).mp3
Gerard Blanc - Une autre Histoire (Version longue).mp3
Gerard Blanc - Une Autre Histoire.mp3
Gianna Nannini - I Maschi.mp3
Gibson Brothers - Cuba.mp3
Gilbert Montagné - Les Sunlights Des Tropiques (extended.).mp3
Gilbert Montagné - Les sunlights des tropiques (maxi).mp3
Gilbert Montagné - On va s'aimer.mp3
Gilberto Gil - Toda Menina Baiana.mp3
Gipsy Kings - Volare.mp3
Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.mp3
Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine - Dr Beat (Extended).mp3
Gold - Capitaine Abandonné.mp3
Gout de luxe - Les yeux de Laura.mp3
Grace Jones - La Vie En Rose.mp3
Grace Jones - Slave to the Rhythm remix.mp3
Grace Jones - Slave to the rythm.mp3
Grace Jones - Strange (i've seen that face before).mp3
Grandmaster Flash - The Message.mp3
Graziella de Michele - Le pull-over blanc.mp3
Greg Kihn Band - Jeopardy.mp3
Guesch Patti - etienne maxi.mp3
Guesch Patti - Etienne.mp3
Harrow Den - Bad Boy (Maxi).mp3
Harry Nilsson - Without You.mp3
Haywoode - I can't let you go.mp3
Herbert Léonard - Pour le plaisir.mp3
Hervie Hancock - Rockit.mp3
Holiday Rap(2ert remix) Mc Miker vs Madonna.mp3
Hong Kong Syndikat - Concrete & Clay.mp3
Hong Kong Syndikat - Too Much.mp3
Hot Botter feat Popcorn Makers - Pop Corn.mp3
Hot Butter - Pop corn.mp3
Howard Jones - What Is Love (extended).mp3
Howard Jones - What Is Love.mp3
Huey Lewis And The News - Heart And Soul.mp3
Huey Lewis And The News - The Power Of Love.mp3
Human league - Don't you want me baby.mp3
Human League - The Lebanon.mp3
Iggy Pop - In the deathcar.mp3
Image - Les demons de minuit.mp3
Imagination - Ilusion.mp3
Imagination - Music And Lights.mp3
in parallel - reduced to tears ( extended).mp3
Indeep - Last night a dj save my life.mp3
Indochine - 3eme sexe.mp3
Indochine - La Machine A Ratrapper Le Temps.mp3
Indochine - L'aventurier.mp3
Indochine - Tes yeux noirs.mp3
Inner City - Big Fun (extended).mp3
INXS - Need You Tonight.mp3
Iren Kara - Flashdance.mp3
Irene Cara - Fame.mp3
Ivan - Fotonovella.mp3
Jackie Quartz - A la vie l'amour (Maxi 45t).mp3
Jackie Quartz - Mise au point (Version longue).mp3
Jaki Graham - Round and round
Jaki Graham - Round and round.mp3
Jaki Graham - Set Me Free (Maxi).mp3
Jaki Graham - Set Me Free.mp3
Jakie Quartz - A la vie à l'amour (in the cannes mix extended).mp3
Jamais bleu -Touché Couché.mp3
James Brown - Living In America.mp3
Jazzy Dee - Get on Up (Extended).mp3
Jazzy Dee - Get on up.mp3
Jean Beauvoir - Feel The Heat (extended Mix).mp3
Jean Beauvoir - Feel The Heat.mp3
Jean Jacques Goldman - Elle a fait un bébé toute seule.mp3
Jean Jacques Lafon - Le geant de papier.mp3
Jean Luc Lahaye - Debarquez-moi (extended version)1987.mp3
Jean pierre Francois - Je Te Survivrai (Maxi 45t).mp3
Jean Pierre François - Je te survivrai.mp3
Jean Pierre Mader - Disparue.mp3
Jean Pierre Mader - Macumba (maxi).mp3
Jean Pierre Mader - Macumba.mp3
Jean Pierre Mader - Un Pied Devant L'Autre (Maxi 45T).mp3
Jean Pierre Mader - Un pied devant l'autre.mp3
Jean Schultheis - Confidence.mp3
Jean-Jacques Goldman - Pas Toi.mp3
Jeanne Mas - Coeur En Stéréo (Club Remix).mp3
Jeanne Mas - Johnny Johnny (Mixage Club).mp3
Jeanne Mas - Johnny Johnny
Jeanne Mas - Johnny Johnny.mp3
Jeanne Mas - Johnny, Johnny (Club Remix).mp3
Jeanne Mas - La Bete Libre (Live) (rasal).mp3
Jeanne mas - La bete libre (live).MP3
Jeanne Mas - Sauvez Moi (Maxi 45t) 85.mp3
Jeanne Mas - Toute Première Fois ( Axl C Trilingual Vrs).mp3
Jeanne Mas - Toute première fois.mp3
Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora - When The Rain Begins To Fall.mp3
Jil Caplan - Comme sur une balancoire.mp3
Jim Diamond - I should have known better.mp3
Jimmy Cliff - Hot Shot.mp3
Jimmy Cliff - Reggae Nights.mp3
Jimmy Cliff - Sunshine Reggae.mp3
Jimmy Cliff - We all are one.mp3
Jimmy Sommerville - Comment te dire adieu ( Remix).mp3
Jimmy Sommerville - Comment Te Dire Adieu.mp3
Jimmy Sommerville - Tell Me Why.mp3
Jimmy Sommerville The Communards Bronskj Beat - Tell Me Why (Full Version).mp3
JJ Goldman - Encore Un Matin.mp3
JJ Goldman - Envole moi.mp3
JJ Goldman - Il suffira d'un signe (1981).mp3
JJ Goldman - Pas toi.mp3
JJ Goldman - Quand la musique est bonne.mp3
Joanna Wyatt - Stupid Cupid.mp3
Jocelyn Brown - Somebody or sister.mp3
Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On.mp3
Joe Coker - Unchain my heart.mp3
Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out.mp3
Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Asimbonanga.mp3
Johnny Hates Jazz - I Don't Want To be a Hero (extended mix).mp3
Johnny Hates Jazz - I Dont Want To Be A Hero.mp3
Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams.mp3
Joy Division - Love will tear us apart.mp3
Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life.mp3
Julie Piétri - Eve lève toi.mp3
Julien Clerc - Lili voulait aller danser.mp3
Junior - Mama Used To Say.mp3
Kajagoogoo - too shy (long).mp3
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy.mp3
Kamille - Days Of Pearly Spencer - 1987.mp3
Kano - Another Life.mp3
Karel Fialka - Hey Matthew(Extended Version).mp3
Karel Fialka - Hey Matthew.mp3
Kasso - Walkman (Extended).mp3
Kasso - Walkman.mp3
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill.mp3
Kazero - Thaï na na.mp3
KC & The Sunshine Band - Give It Up.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (extended).mp3
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Tonight.mp3
kenny Loggins - Footloose.mp3
Killing Joke - Love like blood.mp3
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes.mp3
Kim Wilde - Cambodia.mp3
Kim Wilde - Kids In America.mp3
Kim Wilde - Never Trust A Stranger.mp3
Kim Wilde - View from a bridge.mp3
Kim Wilde - You keep me hangin'on.mp3
Kimera - The Lost Opera (Maxi).mp3
Kimera - The lost opera.mp3
Kiss - I was made loving for you baby.mp3
KLF - America (What Time Is Love).mp3
Kool & The Gang - Big Fun.mp3
Kool & The Gang - Fresh.mp3
Kool & the Gang - It's all right.mp3
Kool & The Gang - Straight ahead.mp3
Kool On The Gang - Get down on it.mp3
Koto - Visitors (Swedish Remix).mp3
Koto - Visitors.mp3
Kova Rea - Nuit d'amour.mp3
Koxo - Step By Step.mp3
Kurtis Blow - The breaks.mp3
Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky.mp3
LA Compagnie Creole - Ca Fait Rire Les Oiseaux (Dance remix 2004).mp3
L'Affaire Luis Trio - Tout Mais Pas Ca.mp3
Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae.mp3
Laroche Valmont - T'as le look coco.mp3
Laura Branigan - Self Control.mp3
Laurel Canyon - Do It Again (steely dan).mp3
Laurent Voulzy - Mes Nuits Sans Kim Wilde.mp3
Le Club - Un fait divers (extended).mp3
Le Club - Un fait divers et rien de plus.mp3
Le Grand Orchestre du Splendid - La Salsa Du Démon.mp3
Le Grand Orchestre du Splendid - Radio pirate.mp3
Léopold Nord & Vous - C'est l'amour.mp3
Les Avions - Nuit Sauvage
Les Avions - Nuit Sauvage.mp3
Les Avions - Tombe la Neige.mp3
Les Calamités - Vélomoteur (maxi).mp3
Les Infideles - Les Larmes Des Maux.mp3
Les Innocents - Jodie.mp3
Les Portes-Manteaux - Elsa Fraulein.mp3
Les Rita Mitsouko - Andy.mp3
Les Rita Mitsouko - C'est Comme Ca.mp3
Les Rita Mitsouko - Le petit train.mp3
Les Rita Mitsouko - Marcia Baila.mp3
Level 42 - Running In The Family.mp3
Limahl - Never Ending Story (Extended version).mp3
Lime - Angel Eyes.mp3
Lime - come & get your love (maxi 45) 82.mp3
Lime - Come & Get Your Love.mp3
Lime - Guilty.mp3
Lime - Unexpected Lovers (12 inch Version).mp3
Lime - We are gonna love tonight (maxi).mp3
Lime - We are gonna love tonight.mp3
Lime - Your love never change.mp3
Lime - You're my magician (Club Dance Mix).mp3
Lio - Amicalement Votre.mp3
Lio - Le banana split (remix).mp3
Lio - Le Banana Split.mp3
Lionel Richie - All Night Long.mp3
Lipp's Inc - Funkytown (long version).mp3
Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World.mp3
Living In A Box - Living In A Box (Extended Version).mp3
Living In A Box - Living In A Box.mp3
Liza Minelli - Losing My Mind.mp3
Lloyd Cole And The Commotions - Lost Weekend.mp3
Loop The Loop - Au Bout De La Nuit.mp3
Los Lobos & Gipsy Kings - La Bamba.mp3
Louis Bertignac et les Visiteurs - Ces Idees La.mp3
Louise Tucker - Midnight blue.mp3
Luna Parker - Tes états d'âme... Eric (1986).mp3
Luther Vandross - Never Too Much.mp3
Lyn Collins - Think.mp3
M - Pop Music..mp3
Madness - It Must Be Love.mp3
Madness - One step Beyond.mp3
Madness - Our House.mp3
Madona - 80's Megamix.mp3
Madona - La Isla Bonita.mp3
Madonna - Holiday.mp3
Madonna - Into the Groove (maxi).mp3
Madonna - Like a Virgin.mp3
Madonna - Material Girl.mp3
Madonna - Open Your Heart.mp3
Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte (extended version).mp3
Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte.mp3
Marc Lavoine - Bascule Avec Moi.mp3
Marrs - Pump Up The Volume (White Label Mix 2005).Mp3
Martine Clémenceau - Puisque quelqu'un m'attend.mp3
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Extended Version).mp3
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing.mp3
Matia Bazar - I feel you (ti sento).mp3
Matt Bianco - More Than I Can Bear.mp3
Matt Bianco - Whose Side Are You On (radio edit).mp3
MC Miker G & Deejay Sven - Holiday Rap.mp3
Mecano - une femme avec une femme.mp3
Mel & Kim - Respectable.mp3
Mel & Kim - Showing Out.mp3
Men At Work - Down Under (Extended).mp3
Men At Work - Down Under.mp3
Men at Work - Land Down Under (Techno, Reggae Remix).mp3
Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now.mp3
Mezzoforte - Garden Party.mp3
Miami Sound Machine - Bad Boy.mp3
Miami Sound Machine - Emergency (127BPM).mp3
Miami Sound Machine - Emergency.mp3
Michael Cretu - Samurai (Maxi).mp3
Michael Cretu - Samurai.mp3
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (extended).mp3
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean.mp3
Michael Jackson - Earth Song.mp3
Michael Jackson - Human Nature.mp3
Michael Jackson - PYT (Pretty Young Thing).mp3
Michael Jackson - Rock With You.mp3
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (1988).mp3
Michael Jackson - Triller.mp3
Michael McDonald & James Ingram - Yah Mo Be There.mp3
Michaël Sembelo - Maniac.mp3
Michael Zager Band - Let's All Chant.mp3
Michel Polnareff - Goodbye Marylou.mp3
Michel Sardou - Afrique Adieu.mp3
Midnight Express (techno remix).mp3
Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning.mp3
Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mine.mp3
Migwel Brown - So many men (extended).mp3
Migwel Brown - So many men (radio).mp3
Mike And The Mechanics - Silent Running.mp3
Mike Oldfield - L'exorciste.mp3
Mike Oldfield - Moon light shadow (extended).MP3
Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow.mp3
Miko Mission - How Old Are You ( Extended) Euro - Italo disco .mp3
Miko Mission - How Old Are You (swedish remix).mp3
Mirage - No More No War (Extended Version).mp3
Mirage - No More No War.mp3
Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady (version dance).mp3
Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady Dj MaTaN MaMaN Remix-2006.mp3
Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady.mp3
Modern Talking - Cheri, Cheri Lady.mp3
Modern Talking - Do you wanna.mp3
Modern Talking - You're my heart you're my soul.mp3
Monte Cristo - The girl of Lucifer.mp3
Monte Kristo - The Girl Of Lucifer.mp3
Moon Martin - Bad News.mp3
Mory Kante - Yeke yeke.mp3
Moses - We just.mp3
Movie Music - Stars De La Pub.mp3
Mr Mister - Broken wings.mp3
Muriel Dacq - Je craque (Extended Version).mp3
Muriel Dacq - Tropique (extended).mp3
Muriel Dacq - Tropique.mp3
Murray Head - Corporation Corridor.mp3
Murray Head - One night in Bangkok (extended).mp3
Murray Head - Say It Ain't So Joe.mp3
Musical Youth - Pass The Duchie.mp3
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (radio edit).mp3
Mylène Farmer - Désenchantée (Extended).mp3
Mylène Farmer - Tristana.mp3
Nacash - Elle Imagine.mp3
Nannini Gianna - I maschi
Nannini Gianna - I maschi.mp3
New Jersey Connection - Love Don't Come Easy.mp3
New Order - Blue Monday (radio edit).mp3
Niagara - Assez.mp3
Niagara - Je dois m'en aller.mp3
Niagara - Quand la ville dort.mp3
Niagara - Tchiki Boum.mp3
Nick Kamen - Each Time You Break My Heart.mp3
Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead.mp3
Nicole mc Cloud - Dont You Want My Love.mp3
Nightlife Unlimited - Let's Do It Again (1982).mp3
Nik Kershaw - I won't Let the Sun Go Down On Me.mp3
Nik kershaw - The riddle
Nik kershaw - The riddle.mp3
Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good.mp3
Nikka Costa - On my own.mp3
Nino d'Angelo - La valle dell'eden.mp3
Noé Willer - Toi femme publique (maxi).mp3
Noe Willer - Toi Femme Publique.mp3
Noe Willer - Toi, Femme Publique.mp3
Nougaro - Nougayork.mp3
Nu Shooz - I can't wait.mp3
Odyssey - Going Back To My Roots..mp3
Off - Electrica salsa.mp3
Off - Step By Step.mp3
Ofra Haza - I'm nin alu.mp3
Olivia Newton John - Physical..mp3
Olivier Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night.mp3
OMD - Enolagay.mp3
OMD - Secret.mp3
OMD - Souvenir (extended).mp3
Opus - Live Is Life.mp3
Ottawan - Megamix (haut les mains,disco,t'es ok).mp3
P Lion - Dream.mp3
P Lion - Happy Children (maxi).mp3
P Lion - Happy Children..mp3
Paco - Amor De Mis Amores..mp3
Partenaire particulier - Elle est partie.mp3
Partenaire particulier - Partenaire particulier.mp3
Pat Bénathar - Love is the baterfield.mp3
Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots..mp3
Patricia Kass - Blues Voyou.mp3
Patricia Kass - Mademoiselle chante le blues (1).MP3
Patrick Bruel - Comment ça va.mp3
Patrick Coutin - J'aime regarder les filles (1981).mp3
Patrick Cowley & Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk(1).mp3
Patrick Cowley & Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk.mp3
Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive(Extended Dance Mix).mp3
Patti Austin & James Ingram - Baby Come to Me.mp3
Patti LaBelle & Michael Mcdonald - On My Own..mp3
Paul Hardcastle - Don't Waste my Time.mp3
Paul Hardcastle, Yves Mourousi - 19 (Dix-Neuf) French Version.mp3
Paul Mc Cartney & Michael Jackson - Say Say Say (Jellybean R.mp3
Paul Mc Cartney & Michael Jackson - Say say say(maxi).mp3
Paul Mc Cartney & Stevie Wonder - Ebony And Ivory.mp3
Paul Young - Come Back and Stay (Extended).mp3
Paul Young - Come Back And Stay (radio).mp3
Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away..mp3
Paul Young - Love of The Common People.mp3
Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted (radio).mp3
Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract..mp3
Paula Abdul - Straight Up..mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing.mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Heart..mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Its a Sin.mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia..mp3
Peter Allen - Not The Boy Next Door.mp3
Peter et Sloane - Besoin de rien envie de toi.mp3
Peter et Sloane - Besoin de rien, envie de toi (extended version).mp3
Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey.mp3
Peter Schilling - Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime).mp3
Peter Schilling - Major Tom..mp3
PHD - I won't let you down.mp3
Phil Barney - Un Enfant De Toi (Longue Version).mp3
Phil Collins - Against All Odds (court).mp3
Phil Collins - Don't Lose my Number.mp3
Phil Collins - Sussudio..mp3
Phil Collins - Two Hearts..mp3
Phil Collins & Philip Bailey - Easy Lover..mp3
Phil Fearon & Galaxy - I Can Prove it (extended).mp3
Phil Fearon & Galaxy - I can prove it.mp3
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Together In Electric Dreams.mp3
Philippe Cataldo - Les Divas du Dancing.mp3
Philippe Lavil - Il tape sur des bambous (1982).mp3
Philippe Russo - En pleine lumière (maxi).mp3
Philippe Russo - Magie Noire (Maxi).mp3
Philippe Timsit - Henri porte des lilas.mp3
Pierre Bachelet - 20 Ans.mp3
Pierre Bachelet - Quand On Aura 20 Ans En l'an 2001.mp3
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (complete).mp3
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (White Label Dance Remix).wma
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall.mp3
Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away..mp3
Pino Dangio - Ma Quale Idea (Extended Version).mp3
Pointer Sisters - Dare Me..mp3
Prefab Sprout - Cars And Girls.mp3
Prefab Sprout - The King of Rock 'N' Roll.mp3
Pretenders - I Go To Sleep.mp3
Prince - 1999..mp3
Propaganda - Duel..mp3
Propaganda - Machinery.mp3
Propaganda - P-Machinery (Long Version).mp3
Quantic Feat Spanky Wilson - Don't joke with a hungry man.mp3
Quarter Flash - Harden My Heart.mp3
Queen - A Kind of Magic.mp3
Queen - Another One Bites the Dust.mp3
Queen - I Want to Break Free.mp3
Radiorama - Yeti.mp3
Raff - Self Control.mp3
Raft - Yaka Danser..mp3
Raggio Di Luna - Comanchero (mix long 84).mp3
Rah Band Clouds Across the Moon.mp3
Ramsdy J & Gang - Devil's Rap..mp3
Ray Charles & Dee dee Bridgewater.mp3
Real Life - Send Me An Angel (Extended Dance Mix).mp3
Real Life - Send Me an Angel.mp3
Regina - Baby Love..mp3
Regrets - Tout l' monde s'amuse.mp3
Renaud - Miss Maggie.mp3
Ricchi e Poveri - Sara Perche Ti Amo.mp3
Richard Goteiner - La Sampa.mp3
Richard Marks - I will be right here waiting for you.mp3
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up..mp3
Rick Astley - Never gonna make you up (extended).mp3
Rick Astley - Together Forever (Extended Club Mix).mp3
Rick Astley - Together Forever..mp3
Rick Astley - Whenever you Need Somebody.mp3
Rick James - Super Freak..mp3
Righeira - Vamos A La Playa.mp3
Righera - No Tengo Dinero.mp3
Rita Lee - Lanca Perfume.mp3
Robbie - C'est la vie.mp3
Robert Farel - Les petits boudins.mp3
Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People..mp3
Robert Palmer - Johnny and Mary.mp3
Robert Palmer - Looking for clues.MP3
Rockwell & Michael Jackson - Somebody's Watching me.mp3
Rod Stewart - Baby Jane..mp3
Rod Stewart - Da ya Think I'm Sexy.mp3
Roger Hodgson - In Jeopardy..mp3
Rolling Stones - Angie.mp3
Rose Laurens - Africa.mp3
Rose Laurens - Mamy Yoko (1983).mp3
Rose Laurens - Mamy Yoko (extended version).mp3
Roxy Music - Avalon.mp3
Roy Avers - Baby doll.mp3
Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita (extended).mp3
Sabine Guerin - Amoureux Chinois.mp3
Sabine paturel - P'tit bouchon.mp3
Sabrina - Boys (Dmc July 1988 Remix Vinyl).mp3
Sabrina - Boys Boys Boys.mp3
Sade - Is It A Crime.mp3
Sade - Smooth Operator.mp3
Sade - Sweetest taboo.mp3
Samantha Fox - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now.mp3
Samantha Fox - Touch me.mp3
Sandra - Heaven Can Wait.mp3
Sandra - Hiroshima.mp3
Sandra - In the hit of the night.mp3
Sandra - Into A Secret Land.mp3
Sandra - Maria Magdalena.mp3
Sandra Kim -J'aime la vie.mp3
Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza.mp3
Scotch - Disco Band (Extended 12'' Version).mp3
SCOTCH - Disco Band.mp3
Scotch - Take me up.mp3
Secret Service - Flash In The Night (Extended).mp3
Secret Service - Flash In The Night (remix 81).mp3
Secret Service - Flash In The Night.mp3
Serge Delisle - Germaine.MP3
Shakatak - City Rhythm.mp3
Shakatak - Down on the street.mp3
Shakatak - Easier Said Than Done
Shakatak - Easier Said Than Done.mp3
Shalamar - A night to remember.mp3
Shalamar - Go in back to my house.mp3
Shannon - Let The Music Play.mp3
Sheila B. Devotion - Spacer.mp3
Shona - Elodie Mon Reve.mp3
Sidney - Hip hop.mp3
Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream (Extended Mix).mp3
Simon et les Modanais - Etoile des neiges.mp3
Simple Mind - Promised you a miracle.mp3
Simply Red - Come To My Aid.mp3
Simply Red - Money's Too Tight To Mention.mp3
Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares to You.mp3
Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love.mp3
Smokey Robinson - Just To See Her.mp3
Snowy White - Bird of paradise.mp3
Soft Cell - Tainted love.mp3
Sonia - Listen To Your Heart.mp3
Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover.mp3
Soulsister - The Way To Your Heart.mp3
Spagna - Call Me (Popstand Remix).mp3
Spagna - Easy Lady (extended).mp3
Spagna - Easy Lady.mp3
Spagna - Every Girl And Boy.mp3
spagna - megamix jd.mp3
Spandau Ballet - Through The Barricades
Spandau Ballet - Through The Barricades.mp3
Sparks - When I'M With You.mp3
Stacey q - two of hearts.mp3
Stargo - Live Is Life (version maxi).mp3
Stargo - Live Is Life.mp3
Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.mp3
Status Quo - In The Army Now.mp3
Steely Dan - Do it Again.mp3
Stephan Eicher - Two People In A Room.mp3
Stephanie - Flash.mp3
Stéphanie de Monaco - Ouragan.mp3
Steve Allen - Love Is In The Air (Extended).mp3
Steve Allen - Love is in the air (Org 1983 edit).mp3
Steve Arrington - Feel So Real.mp3
Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra (maxi).mp3
Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra.mp3
Steve Miller Band - The Joker.mp3
Stevie Wonder - Do I Do.mp3
Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You.mp3
Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster.mp3
Stévie Wonder - Part time lover.mp3
Sting - English Man In New York.mp3
Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight (Full Version).mp3
Supertramp - Breakfast In America.mp3
Supertramp - Cannonball.mp3
Supertramp - Give A Little Bit.mp3
Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger.mp3
Supertramp - It's Raining Again.mp3
Survivor - Eye of the tiger.mp3
Suzanne Vega - Luka.mp3
Suzi Q - Get on Up and Do it Again.mp3
Swing Out Sisters - Surrender.mp3
Sydney Youngblood - If Only I Could.mp3
T Pau - China in your hand.mp3
Talk Talk - It's My Life (Extended Version).mp3
Talk Talk - It's My Life.mp3
Talk Talk - Such A Shame (12'' Version).mp3
Talk talk - Such a shame.mp3
Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety.mp3
Taxi Girl - Cherchez le garçon.mp3
Taylor Dayne - Prove Your Love.mp3
Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart (dance remix).mp3
Taylor Dayne - Tell It to My Heart (remix).mp3
Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart.mp3
Tears for Fears - Change.mp3
Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World.mp3
Tears For Fears - Shout.mp3
Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds of Love.mp3
Temper - No Favor.mp3
Ten Sharp - You
Ten Sharp - You.mp3
Terence Trent D'Arby - Sign Your Name.mp3
Terence Trent Darby - Wishing Well Syndikat(Maxi).mp3
Terence Trent D'arby - Wishing Well.mp3
The Art Company - Suzanna.mp3
The B'52 s - Planet claire.mp3
The Bangles - Eternal Flame.mp3
The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian.mp3
The Belle Stars - Sign Of The Times.mp3
The Blow Monkeys - Digging Your Scene.mp3
The Brothers Johnson - Stomp.mp3
The Buggles - Killed the radio star.mp3
The Cars - Drive.mp3
The cats - Put another rist.mp3
The Clash - Rock the kasba.mp3
The Commodores - Night Shift.mp3
The Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way 1986.mp3
The Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way - Megamix.mp3
The Communards - Don't leave me this way.mp3
The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye.mp3
The Communards - So Cold The Night.mp3
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry.mp3
The Cure - Close To Me.mp3
The Cure - Just Like Heaven.mp3
The Cure - Lullaby.mp3
The Flirts - Passion (extended club mix).mp3
The Gap Band - Party Train ( extended).mp3
The Gostbosters - Gostbosters.mp3
The Jacksons - Blame it on the boogie.mp3
The Jacksons - Torture.mp3
The Korgis - Everybody'S Got To Learn Sometime.mp3
The Last Minister - Tribute to the JB family.mp3
The Maisonettes - Heartache avenue (1982).mp3
The mint julep - Every kinda people.mp3
The New Romantic - Talking in your sleep.mp3
The new Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep (Extended Version).mp3
The Passadenas - Right On.mp3
The Police - Spirits in the Material World.mp3
The Police - Wrapped around your finger.mp3
The Police & Sting - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.mp3
The Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong.mp3
The Rebirth - Evil vibrations.mp3
The Shorts - Comment ca va (english version) (1984).mp3
The Silencers - Painted Moon.mp3
The Stranglers - Always The Sun.mp3
The Stranglers - Golden Brown.mp3
The twins - Face to face, heart to heart.mp3
Thierry Pasteur - Coup de folie.mp3
Thierry Pastor - Sur des musiques noires.mp3
TIA - Boy toy.mp3
Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now (Extended).mp3
Tiffany - I think we're alone now.mp3
Tight Fit - The Lion Sleeps tonight.mp3
Time Bandits - I'm specialized in you (radio).mp3
Time Bandits - Listen to the man with the golden voice.mp3
Tina Charles - dance little lady (Maxi).mp3
Tina Charles - I love to love.mp3
Tina Tarner - Private Dancer.mp3
Tina Turner - Private Dancer(radio).mp3
Tina Turner - The Best.mp3
Tina Turner - Two People.mp3
Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero
Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero.mp3
Tina Turner-Whats Love Got To Do With It.mp3
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love (Extended Mix).mp3
Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood.mp3
Topo & Roby - Under The Ice (extended).mp3
Topo & Roby - Under The Ice (radio).mp3
TOTO - 99.mp3
TOTO - Pamela.mp3
TOTO - Rosanna.mp3
TOTO - Stranger In Town.mp3
Toto Coelo - Milk From The Coconut (radio).mp3
Toto Cotugno - Lasciare Mi Cantare (Dj Serge Remix).mp3
Toto Cutugno - La chante mi cantare Italiano Vero.mp3
Tracey Ulman - Breakaway.mp3
Trio - DaDaDa.mp3
Turbulent Blues - Fou, fou, c'est fou !.mp3
U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.mp3
U2 - New Year's Day.mp3
U2 - Pride (In the Name of Love).mp3
U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name.mp3
UB40 - Food For Thought.mp3
Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.mp3
USA For Africa - We Are The World.mp3
Valerie Dore - Get Closer (Italo-Dance).mp3
Valerie Dore - The Night.mp3
Valérie Lagrange - La Folie
Valérie Lagrange - La Folie.mp3
Valli - The more i see you (mix).mp3
Van Halen - Jump
Van Halen - Jump.mp3
Vanessa Paradis - Joe Le Taxi (Version Longue)
Vanessa Paradis - Joe Le Taxi (Version Longue).mp3
Vanessa Paradise - Marilyn & John.mp3
Vaya Con Dios - Just A Friend Of Mine.mp3
Veronique et davina - Gym Tonic.mp3
Véronique et Davina - Gym Tonic (remix).mp3
Veronique Jeannot - Aviateur (Maxi 45T).mp3
Viola Wills - Gonna Get Along Without You Now.mp3
Visage - Fade to grey (remix).mp3
Visage - Fade to grey.mp3
Vivien Savage - La p'tite lady.mp3
Wallis Franken - Etrange affaire.mp3
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days.mp3
Was not was - Walk the dinosaur.mp3
Wax - Bridge To Your Heart.mp3
Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Wee Rule.mp3
Wet Wet Wet - Angel Eyes.mp3
Wet Wet Wet - Sweet Little Mistery.mp3
Wham - Everything She Wants.mp3
Wham - Last Christmas.mp3
Wham - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.mp3
Wham - Young Guns (Go For It).mp3
When Will I Be Famous - Bros.mp3
Whitney Houston - How Will I Know.mp3
Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me).mp3
Wild Cherry - Play that.mp3
William Pitt - City Lights.mp3
Womack & Womack - Celebrate the world.mp3
Yazoo - Break me down.mp3
Yazoo - Don't go.mp3
Yello - Vicious Games.mp3
Yello (& The The Grid) - Vicious Games (Ambient Mix).mp3
Yello vs hardfloor - Vicious Games (club mix).mp3
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart.mp3
Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry - Seven Seconds.mp3
Yves Simon - Amazonie
Yves Simon - Amazoniaque.mp3
Zak - Mouvement perpétuel
Zak - Mouvement perpétuel.mp3
Zone 80 - Africaine
Zone 80 - Africaine.mp3
Zone 80 - I'm ready for passion
Zone 80 - I'm ready for passion.mp3
Zone 80 - Make it better( How how)
Zone 80 - Make it better( How how).mp3
Zone 80 - Vaya polikito


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